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“We believe that true luxury originates from authenticity, functionality and careful choices”

Explore our villa – Combined with functionality, modern arctic design and magnificent scenery Levi ‘n’ Sky Luxury Villa is a perfect choice for unforgettable vacation, special day or business event. The best luxury villa in Levi, Lapland.

Levi’n’Sky Luxury Villa – Explore it

Levi'n'Sky Luxury Villa Breakfast view

Beautiful, panoramic views

Located 360m above the sea level, Levi’n’Sky Luxury Villa provides its guests with 180 degree view of unobstructed Lapland scenery. And one of the highlights of this beautiful, panoramic view is Kumputunturi (581m). The location of the villa together with the unique view is the luxury experience we want you to enjoy.

Levi'n'Sky Luxury Villa Shower and Sauna

Sauna for 12

Our beautiful sauna is furnished with hundreds of years old “kelo” wood and has enough room for 12 people. Just press a button and it’s nice and ready in 60 minutes. The adjacent dressing area has its own restroom, fridge and glassware.

Levi'n'Sky Luxury Villa Bedroom


All bedrooms have high-quality Finlayson double beds, which can be split to two single beds. There are 4 bathrooms and a shower in every floor.

Levi'n'Sky Dining area

Spacious living room and dining area with view

Total 300m2 of space is divided into 3 floors, which provides options for having good time together and yet quiet areas for those who want to rest. In any event, you will enjoy our carefully selected designer furniture.

Levi'n'Sky Luxury Villa TV Lounge

TV lounge

Our large TV lounge located downstairs spots 55” HDTV screen, PS4 and Genelec hifi speaker system for watching films, enjoying music or gaming. This is a purpose designed area for spending time and offers possibilities for larger groups to utilize the villa. While kids are watching the movie here, adults are able to enjoy fireplace and glass of wine in the middle floor. And at the same the youngest ones can even go sleeping in upstairs.

Levi'n'Sky Luxury Villa Outdoor Jacuzzi

Outdoor patio, jacuzzi and fire place

Our large 8-person outdoor jacuzzi is heated all year around. The views, LED lighting and custom-made fireplace complete the experience.

Our Specialities

Sauna up to 12 people

Sauna is an integral part of everyday life in Finland. Our special log-wood furnished sauna is easy to use and enjoy. Just press a button and it’s nice and ready in 60 minutes!

Outdoor jacuzzi

Our large outdoor jacuzzi is heated all year around. During summer you can enjoy the Midnight Sun and 24h brightness. In the winter time the sky is filled with stars and colored with Northern Lights.

Aurora Hut

In 2018 we built this beautiful outdoor hut in front of our villa. It offers unobstructed views to the Ounasjoki river valley and the North-Eastern sky. We provide reindeer hides that are warm and comfy to sit on, logwood and special pans for cooking. Truly an experience to remember!

Tailor-made services

Levi’n’Sky partners provide tailored travel programs, transportation, guided activities, special events and top-class catering to our guests. Let a chef cook you the perfect dinner, or qualified guide take you to wild salmon fishing. We can also fly you here in a private jet!


Located on top of a 360m foothill of Levi, our villa offers majestic outlook to the beautiful Lapland scenery. You’ll be amazed how different it can be in different seasons, hours and weather. It is so relaxing you wish you could stay and watch it forever.

What are you waiting for? Come to Lapland and our Luxury Villa.

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